HR on Call for Small Business


LMAG Training Seminars
We can customize training seminars to address your challenges:

Avoiding Sexual Harassment and Understanding the Value of Diversity

  • The definition of sexual harassment
  • Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Steps that must be taken if an allegation is made
  • The value of diversity
  • The business realities of today

Conducting Selection Interviews

  • Job analysis/job descriptions
  • Selection interviewing and skill building
  • Americans with Disabilities issues
  • Legal dos and don'ts

Appraising Employee Performance: Coaching, Judging, and Disciplining

  • Interviews
  • Employee coaching
  • Judging employee performance
  • Disciplinary/corrective action

Workplace Violence—The Employer's Dilemma

  • Profile of a violent and potentially violent employee
  • Stalking statutes
  • Laying off or terminating the "fragile" employee
  • Six building blocks to safety and security

Dealing Effectively with Change

  • Why change is seen as threatening
  • How to handle change
  • How to improve the process of innovation

Leadership and Management Styles

  • Understanding the characteristics of leaders
  • Review of situational leadership
  • Measuring conflict mode

The Power of Empowerment

  • What is ZAPP and what is SAPP
  • New ways of dealing with employees
  • Basic beliefs about quality and people

Conflict Resolution

  • Facing conflicts between employees
  • Causes of work conflict
  • Steps to meeting the challenges that conflict presents

Dealing with Difficult People

  • Coping with hostile and aggressive people
  • Coping with passive and aggressive people
  • Understanding internal and external issues and constraints to teamwork

Ethics in Employment

  • Understanding ethics
  • Exercises with ethical dilemmas
  • Developing a draft of a code of ethics

Vocal Communication Training

  • Expressing yourself in meaningful statements so you will be easily understood the first time
  • Increasing self-confidence on the phone and face-to-face
  • Improving networking and marketing skills

How to Conduct Internal Investigations

  • How to plan the investigation
  • The legal dos and don'ts of conducting internal investigations from EEOC to safety issues
  • How to interview the involved parties
  • Taking corrective action

LMAG will customize a seminar or program unique to your organization needs. Please contact us for further information.