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Conflict Resolution and Employee Mediation
Otherwise Known as "Mess Management"

Participation, engagement, and timely, two-way communication are important factors in successfully transforming any organization.

We focus on identifying and resolving the conflicts that can jeopardize success.

Our techniques help your organization to successfully make internal shifts in organization culture, brand identity, customer service, and new development.

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“Mess Management” is the focused attention associated with addressing and solving a difficult or sensitive internal business complication or “mess.” This can rarely be accomplished when directors and managers must still focus on operations and productivity. It is a situation that has the high potential to enter into legal or regulatory entanglement in such a way that it consumes extensive resources in time and money. It is a situation that tends to be highly and personally emotional and potentially even irrational.

LMAG is experienced at Mess Management and can readily and adept handle your problem, no matter how large or complex.

When you receive allegations of inappropriate behavior and employee misconduct, LMAG will conduct an on-site internal investigation. Our staff will evaluate the situation, conduct interviews, and make a recommendation. We will even come in and implement a plan of corrective action.

Mediation is an independent third party working with two disputants to reach a mutually agreeable solution. LMAG can mediate difficult situations and assist you with reaching a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation is a preferable alternative to settling disputes than litigation. Litigation is slow, public and expensive, whereas mediation is private, confidential, and cost effective.

Conflict Resolution
Terminating employees can be a risky and difficult process. Conducting a termination improperly can result in legal ramifications or even workplace violence. Our staff is experienced in this process with a proven, planned, and effective strategy for dealing with such problems and helping to avoid them in future.

Resolving workplace conflicts can be time consuming, stressful, and frustrating. Unresolved conflicts will result in poor morale and low productivity, and most managers are not properly trained to handle these types of problems effectively. Our staff has years of experience counseling employees with varying personalities in many different situations and our expertise will help you avoid workplace violence and eliminate employee conflicts.