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Executive Search

Participation, engagement, and timely, two-way communication are important factors in successfully transforming any organization.

We focus on identifying and resolving the conflicts that can jeopardize success.

Our techniques help your organization to successfully make internal shifts in organization culture, brand identity, customer service, and new development.

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The Search Process

It is difficult and time consuming to find qualified applicants in today’s job market. Let LMAG do the work for you. We are experts in the recruiting and selection process using a variety of techniques to bring you viable candidates. Our process is thorough, effective, and reliable.

  • LMAG screens the candidates for you. We gather the information, the credentials and identify the personality traits of the person you are seeking to employ.
  • In order to establish a good fit, LMAG considers organizational atmosphere, the co-workers and management style of those with whom the candidate will be working.
  • We conduct a legal and thorough background check on each candidate.
  • We assist the hiring manager with interview questions and preparation for the interviews.
  • We present up to five semi-finalists for your review and final selection.

Developing Interview Questions

LMAG will assist you with developing interview questions to help identify the best candidate for the position. We provide you with situational questions. Candidates are posed with questions and challenges they might encounter and their responses are based on how they would handle the situation. These questions give the employer the feedback needed to evaluate the candidate’s interpersonal skills, their judgment, and his/her ability to handle stress.