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Board Governance, Leadership, and Strategic Planning

Our techniques help your organization to successfully make internal shifts in organization culture, identity, service, and new development.

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Whether elected or appointed, the board of any organization plays a critical role in the life of that organization.   

By any name, organizational leaders carry a burden, whether you’re a:

  • Board of Director
  • Trustee
  • Alderman                        
  • Commissioner

Whatever you are called, you are, in some cases, the legal owner of the organization. In other cases you are the spokesperson. In all cases you have a fiduciary obligation to serve with great responsibility . . . and great consequence. You can even be held legally liable personally for the behavior of the board and its executives.

What constitutes or defines a good board or a good board member?
What does the organization require of its board?
Can you afford to have your time wasted? Can you afford the legal liability of organizational misbehavior?

Labor Management Advisory Group consultants are experts in Policy Governance® and the Carver System.

We provide training and consulting in Policy Governance and can help your board do what it's supposed to do and not make the usual mistakes made by well-intended but untrained boards and their members. In his book, Boards That Make a Difference, John Carver describes these errors:

  • Time spent on trivial matters—items of trivial scope or importance get too much attention
  • Working on a short-term time horizon—dealing with items that have near term or even dealing with items that have passed
  • Taking a reactive stance—reacting to staff initiatives
  • Reviewing, rehashing and redoing—going over things staff has already done
  • Leaky accountability—boards allow accountability to leak around the CEO
  • Overload—being overwhelmed by the detail of the organization’s operations
  • Rubberstamping—boards doing what they are told by the CEO          
LMAG can provide guidance and facilitation in your board’s strategic activities.