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HR Management: Help for Your HR Systems and Projects

Participation, engagement, and timely, two-way communication are important factors in successfully transforming any organization.

We focus on identifying and resolving the conflicts that can jeopardize success.

Our techniques help your organization to successfully make internal shifts in organization culture, brand identity, customer service, and new development.

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Let Labor Management Advisory Group be your human resources department and handle all of your personnel projects. Our menu of services can be selected to meet the unique needs of your company.

  • Job Descriptions—Creating new ones or updating existing ones. Job descriptions establish expectations and provide clarity for your employees. We customize your job descriptions to fit your organizational structure.

  • Performance Appraisal System—Customizing a performance appraisal system that will provide your employees with the accountability and incentives to perform.

  • Policy and Procedure Manual—Organizing a new manual or updating an existing one. A manual will include detailed policies and procedures that your employees are expected to follow. It provides consistency and clarity for your employees. This will keep your organization in compliance with employment laws and reduce liability.

  • Wage and Salary Surveys—Researching the market to obtain salary data is an effective tool for evaluating the marketplace and implementing competitive and accurate wages.

  • Compensation Plans—Preparing a new compensation plan or revising an existing one. We create a comprehensive, customized compensation plan based on the market data collected. A structured plan will increase management’s credibility, eliminate inconsistencies and bias, and improve employee morale. Productivity goes up when employees feel valued and rewarded.

  • Employee Opinion Surveys—Surveying employees to get information about company policies, wage and salary specifications, workplace morale, and management practices. We assure complete confidentiality both outside and within your organization. This service is an excellent tool for evaluating your personnel practices. Employee feedback is essential for improving productivity and morale.

  • Exit Interviews—Creating an exit interview questionnaire and assisting you with this process. Exit interviews provide critical information about the climate of your organization and the attitude of departing employees. This feedback will help you reduce turnover, improve company performance and improve employee satisfaction.