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Ministry Mess Management

In the event that a situation arises within the church or ministry organization that the current leadership feels it cannot handle, or is not appropriate for the board or leaders to address, we are prepared to respond on very short notice.

We are available to report on site to personally insert ourselves into the unfolding situation. Our response is divided into several phases: first Our phase or process is to conduct an assessment or an analysis of the situation. We will "get to the bottom" of the situation, understand it and then formulate a plan for rectifying the situation. We will present a report of our findings from phase one and a proposal for the plan of action including objectives, assumptions, the steps associated with the "fix," the timetable and costs. Our immediate objective is to bring clarity to the situation and then to assist the board or leadership understand what we have found. We are objective third parties skilled in organizational design and assessment. We will bring clarity and Grace to the situation in our analysis and solution.

Once approved, phase two is the implementation of the plan of action. Phase two could be either a termination or coaching (presuming that termination is not appropriate ) of the perpetrator. There could be a phase three and four. Phase three could be that LMAG could act as an interim to keep thing operating while Phase four is under way. Phase four is usually a search for the permanent replacement of the extricated person.


There was a missionary organization that had a glorious 60 year history. They lost their very effective CEO and the board hired a new executive. He was a great speaker and theologian. He had top pastoral and biblical credentials. Trouble was he had never really led an organization. His razor thin management resume coupled with his narcissism made him a big problem for those who were actually operating the missionary organization. He was good at "looking good" so the board was quite in the dark until the Discontent and turnover were finally recognized.

LMAG was called in to conduct an examination of the allegation that the new CEO was mis-managing the organization and therefor chasing good people away. We substantiated the allegation and determined this person was shredding the culture and indeed he was causing the turnover. We determined that his skill set was not consistent with the needs of the organization. We extricated him and completed a search for a new person. Through the knowledge gained in Phase one, LMAG really understood the culture of the organization and the needs of the staff. We were able to complete the search and found candidates that were a (cultural) match for the board and staff.

There was an Evangelical Christian School that was starting to flow red ink. The board was rightly afraid that the snow ball could turn into an avalanche. The allegation was financial mismanagement. The school's leadership was entangled with the sponsoring church. The Asst. Principal was one of the Elders and the Principal was a life long church member. Both were liked and respected. LMAG was brought in to conduct an analysis of the allegation.

We found great thing going on. The Holy Spirit was doing wonders! Teachers were teaching, students were learning. The physical plant was adequate. Marketing was non-existent, technology was non-existent in the operation or curriculum. Financial mismanagement was actually an understatement.

The fix was complicated but the bottom line is that we extracted the leadership operated the school for a year and conducted a search for a competent new principal.