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Ministry Mess Management: An Answer to a Prayer

From the board level should flow ethics and values, organizational purpose, vision, mission, and the framework for strategy.

Unfortunately, this is not true for most boards.

The basic frame, or screen, through which we assess organizational performance is composed of three cardinal elements, strategy, quality, and execution of the fundamentals. However, in the center of this leadership model, or frame, sits governance. Out of governance flow the values & ethics, vision (purpose), mission and policies that drive how well the organization does its fundamentals, its strategy, and its product or service quality. Board governance can be defined as establishing, assuring and overseeing the purpose(s) of an organization (the direction setting function), and the achievement of those purposes on behalf of owners (actual or moral), while assuring the avoidance of the undesirable (the protecting function of governance). Board governance is sometimes called "the purposing function."

The board, as a group, is accountable for the governance of the organization, and as such, it has total accountability for, and authority over, the organization. This is a weighty responsibility.

We offer governance training, coaching and consulting to boards, including strategic planning facilitation, but we also offer specific orientation, in-depth training, and/or implementation training and consulting to governing boards interested in true Policy Governance and to their chairs. We can work with a board and train it in Policy Governance, leading it into a completely different and much more effective way to govern, a significantly more rewarding experience for both board and CEO. It clarifies roles, responsibilities, and accountability processes and measures. We also provide assistance to boards and chairs concerned about their Board-CEO relationship, including such areas as CEO performance measurement and management/ accountability.

We are particularly equipped because of training and background to assist and coach in monitoring, an absolutely vital component of Policy Governance. We have come to realize that a sustained accountability relationship with the client for a defined period is vital to successful implementation of Policy Governance, and we craft our agreements in that manner.