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Ministry Hotline

An additional service is a parishioner hot line where by those in the pews could have an experienced independent 3rd party to call and report problems to. These calls can be handled individually and if determined to be substantive, a feedback loop can be established back to the Church or ministry leaders or elders with advise from me regarding how to address the matter.

Keep in mind that what happened within the Catholic Church cannot be confined just to Catholics. It is a national (even international) people problem. There is perverse and deviant behavior out there. This service could go along way to protect the local church and its denominational structure while at the same time, provide an outlet for alleged victims.


I had a missionary call me frustrated and in tears. She reported that her supervisor, the team leader, had patted and fondled her on her butt. She talked about it and prayed about it with her husband and they decided to report the matter up the ladder. The team leader’s supervisor said he would talk to my team leader but that's been two months ago. I want something to be done about this!!

I work at the XYZ facility. We provide services to developmentally disabled teenagers and adults. I suspect one of my coworkers it is insensitive at best and perhaps even brutal. The people we take care of are defenseless. This co-worker is in very tight with the Executive Director. What can be done?

I work at the ABC Social Service Agency. The Board hired this new Executive Director. He is such an arrogant ass! He is such a bully. I cant believe that he is our boss. People are very unhappy and are looking for other jobs. This guy is about to ruin this organization. Can you help?

I work at the Christian Youth Camp in (City and State). I suspect one of the counselors is sexually abusing one of the campers. This could be really bad. We have no proof but there are indications. We need some help dealing with this situation.