HR on Call for Small BusinessHR on Call for Small Business


LMAG is qualified and experienced. We will:

  • “Judgment proof” your company with proven policies and procedures that withstand bad luck and bad people.

  • Conduct an investigation when a crisis occurs and deal effectively with the results while meeting government requirements.

  • Help you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

  • Structure terminations that coach departing employees on new opportunities and keep you from meeting with their lawyers.

With fixed costs that fit your budget, LMAG professionals resolve your issues —and help avoid disasters that cost thousands, even millions. Learn more.

Is Your Organization Wearing a Bullseye?

In today's legal and regulatory environment, businesses are targets. Personnel issues cost billions of dollars each year. Violence is increasingly widespread. These are costly and even life-threatening issues that cannot be ignored. Here are a few cases from just one federal agency during a few recent weeks:
And it's getting worse. The Department of Labor and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission boast of six-figure claims against even small businesses, every week. The number of fines has multiplied more than 10 times in recent years. Don't believe us? Look at these examples from just one agency in just one week!

You, the employer, do NOT want to deal with with these issues. Your HR department should not, either. Their skills are daily operations, not crisis management. Learn more.

Your Company's Future is at Risk

In just a sample of widespread cases, the government can:

• Bankrupt you in a sexual harassment case.

• Issue a “right to sue” letter that gives an employee and a lawyer a written invitation to take you to the cleaners.

• Bring an investigation into your dealings with EVERY employee based on one employee’s complaint. Learn more.

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