HR on Call for Small Business


Your Workplace Minefield

Terminating an employee is never easy, and, in some cases, you’re dealing with a ticking bomb that only a professional should handle.

A wrong move will bring outbursts, lawsuits, poisoned relationships with other employees and even the possibility of the extricated employee returning with a gun.

Some Government "Help"

Not all government action is bad, but for businesses and especially small businesses a visit by federal officials is too often the beginning of a very bad day.

The Department of Labor is one example. Many of us may not relate to a recent, $4.8 million judgement for back wages and damages against Wal-Mart. More relevant for small businesses is a $478,000 in back wages and damages plus $22,000 in penalties to a family-owned nursery.

These are just two cases among dozens each week.

You've Got An Allegation.
Will Your Organization Survive?

You’ve got a workplace mess, even a crisis.

There’s been an allegation of wrongdoing at your organization. It could be a charge of sexual harassment, an employee who is sabotaging your efforts or accusations of discrimination.

You must respond quickly and correctly. In some cases, you have only hours to take the right action. And if you fail to respond, or fail to respond correctly, you could be looking at bankruptcy or worse.

As Easy as I, II, III…and IV

The LMAG process offers proven solutions. Here's an outline of how we deal with some typical workplace challenges:

LMAG Phase I: Investigation

Phases II, III and IV: Substantiation and Resolution

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